The Moment was established in 2016 by our founder, Maleika Cole.

Maleika has always had a passion for beautiful jewelry, design and treating people well. One year, when a friend asked her to go engagement ring shopping with them, she of course said “yes”. How could she pass on spending the day looking at diamonds?

But when she went shopping with said friend, she realized that the diamond/engagement ring/luxury jewelry industry was too confusing and complex. The experience was rushed and impersonal. And there were many times, as people of color, they didn't feel seen or treated well.

She knew there had to be a better way — there could be a luxurious experience that catered to people that the current fine jewelry industry ignores. So, after years of research, education and network building, Maleika created The Moment.

Maleika is a certified GIA Graduate of Diamonds and has built strong relationships with diamond industry veterans gaining access to the best diamonds and expert crafts people.

Client service and education are the key areas that set The Moment apart from traditional jewelry stores. Maleika ensures all our clients feel empowered, supported, and cared for during the engagement ring-buying journey.

Our Mission is to simplify the intimidating ring buying process.

We know that the traditional process of shopping for engagement rings can be daunting, stressful, and confusing when it should be a time of excitement and celebration.

The Moment was established to prioritize your wants and needs by:

  • Demystifying the engagement ring process
  • Creating a unique and custom-made piece of jewelry
  • Providing transparent pricing and insights into gatekept industry practices
  • Working around your schedule with check-ins that suit you (whether in-person, via video call, phone calls, or via text).
  • Being available to answer any questions you have at any time you have them

And Finally,

Our motto has always been to treat our customers like we would our best friends - with the utmost care and attention. There is nothing we won't do to make sure that you feel 100% empowered and truly supported in your engagement ring journey.

We'll make this process make sense, and clear up any misconceptions you've read and heard. We’ll do our best to learn about you and the ring-wearer to ensure your ring is an authentic expression of your love, style and lifestyle.